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Orissa being one of the poorer states of India has a sizable population belonging to the backward communities and weaker sections i.e. the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. 40% of the geographical area is covered with hills and forests which is the land of the Tribes and Indigenous People.

The State of Orissa continuing in backwardness and under development with concentration of weaker sections in many areas, offer challenging opportunities for effective social interventions. Many areas of concern exist in the State to undertake programmes for creating avenues for sustainable development of society with clear option for the poor and oppressed.



Disaster Management




CAP will set up services where people are in need, campaign vigorously for change and build a wide reputation of our pioneering work. We are intensely proud of our achievements and determined to build on them.

CAP intends to acquire a strong voice for people, greater emphasis on mutual support and self-help, more opportunities to participate in community activity, better understanding about the challenges, new approaches and services, which reflects the changing world around us.

We recognize that, the objectives presented here with will create ambitious changes for staff as each year they run these operations into operational plans and specific activities. But we are excited by opportunities to develop and further strengthens our existing services and embark on new ventures.

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