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Our Vision

Every vision needs a mission and a fusion of purpose, process and people; and what sustains the mission is an abiding and enduring passion.

Vision is...

"An ecologically sustainable, self-reliant society; Where basic needs of every individual like food, shelter, education and entertainment are met; Where justice, equality, liberty and security are assured; Where interdependent community maintaining co-operative culture and harmony between mankind and nature with gender sensitized community structure, having access and control over resources vis-à-vis socio-economic political decision-making process."

Our Mission

The effort has been made to improve the services in quality and quantity in order to meet the ever increasing and challenging needs with the following mission.

▪ Natural and local resource management for increased / improved accessibility and availability of livelihood.
▪ Empower local institutions and capacitate them in institutional arrangements, planning, execution and management.
▪ Creation of equity awareness with sustainable sensitivity.
▪ To evolve people centered development alternatives based on their knowledge and skill.

Our Objectives

In order to fulfill its mission, CAP adhere the following overall objectives.

▪ To adequately address both macro and micro issues relating to agriculture and forestry.
▪ To develop initiatives for women’s empowerment and promote gender sensitization.
▪ To motivate and train local youth/grass root workers as cause and consumer of social change and progress.
▪ To evolve appropriate strategies/programmes for intervention through rights based approach.
▪ To create and extend networking and linkages with individuals, groups and organisations.
▪ To provide preventive, rehabilitative and relief services addressing special

Our Strategies

▪ To promote entrepreneurship and skill development.
▪ To form and establish thrift and credit and self help groups and create avenues for micro-credit.
▪ To transfer and popularise technology in agriculture and allied sectors among rural and tribal areas.
▪ To act as a catalyst in promoting bio-diversity and management of natural resources.

Our Values

▪ Quality.
▪ Ecological Sensitivity.
▪ Honesty and Integrity.
▪ Punctuality.
▪ Communal Harmony.
▪ Openness and Transparency.
▪ Loyalty (commitment to the cause and the organisation).

Our Strengths


Our Role

▪ A voice for the needy and marginalised communities.

▪ Initiating movements as per the local needs and priorities.

▪ Work in partnership with other local organisations, groups and individuals.

▪ Involve local people to become active participant in their community development initiatives.

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